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 Cheers everyone =]

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PostSubject: Cheers everyone =]   29/1/2011, 6:13 am

Hello guys, I'm Samuck as you can see and i was trying to find out something to write in my introduction and when I saw visions' one I tought "woops I have a story like that, it might be a good way for ppl to know me" even tho my story goes only on private servers xD

I started playing wow around mid 2.4.3 patch and it was a fun server, and I remember there was a stone that when you use it you were ported to the location with mobs on your level, kill mobs there for 10 minutes and use it again, in around 2 hours i could level a lv 70 toon, and for my first time playing wow it was already a wonderful game, without knowing all the mechanism of quests and bgs ... and i couldn't decide which class i would roll.. i had a druid and a warrior at first, and to have fun i used to get my balance druid and go upside the roof on Honor Hold at hellfire peninsula and kill allies nearby the grypphon master :D but i was very noob and each time i saw someone strong with another class, i rolled that class till i had all of them and still didn't know what to play... and one day this server came down and i stopped playing for a loong time... when i came back I found cozy already on the beginning of the server when there were only 60 average people online and it was on 3.0.9 I created a gnome frost mage and pvp'd alot, i saw clownhair there and I even asked him to teach me frost mage, long ago, he tried to do some magic with me but I couldn't even spin around a melee target to continue my casting... and then I went to a melee because i was totally unable to play a caster, and then i created a rogue, liked it so much, had another teacher, DarknesGheaven, or "Nineteen" and he was very nice to me, everything i know till today that i feel like i have a much better notion of pvp was taught by him and just like on the other server i told about i created all classes untill I found DKs, started up with blood (Blood had the bug on Dancing Rune Weapon) and then on my first duel i crited a lock for 19k :D and I felt so powerful, and with time i discovered unholy and for some reason unholy were more confortable to me, and I'm playing DKs till now, also I'd play a rogue which i reached 1350 on cozy ( rating for wrath , not big deal, but it was for me) and I almost did the same on my dk, got stuck on 1300 and togheter with this i started to learn much about pvp, duel zone came, i used to fight hard to keep my duel frags positive and I did it on both my toons, rogue and DK, then I went to try some warrior, I could learn some about it, but I have some latency problems because of my country and couldn't play it very properly, my charge was just screwed up... :D

its a big wall of text but... you'll know almost everything about me if you read it hehe

See you ingame guys :D
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PostSubject: Re: Cheers everyone =]   30/1/2011, 5:15 am

Welcome to our forums and soon guild!

Contact the board administrators HERE
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PostSubject: Re: Cheers everyone =]   31/1/2011, 12:52 pm

Welcome to EE my friend !
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PostSubject: Re: Cheers everyone =]   

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Cheers everyone =]

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